About Us


Zinatex Rugs has been serving since 1982. With over 30 years of experience in In the rug industry, we can provide you with all of your area rug needs. Zinatex wholesale rugs are made with the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards. Beautiful-looking rugs that last a lifetime. Zinatex Rugs have the best yarn qualities for the best price value from Heat set, BCF, Shaggy, Polyester, Frieze, etc.


You come first! We love our customers and value the wonderful relationships we have built. We are all about making YOU happy! Zinatex Rugs have rugs in stock in our showroom and warehouse for immediate delivery. If you are not sure where to start, or if you need help choosing the right color, pattern, or size for your house or room, please contact our sales rep in your territory. Zinatex Rugs offers convenient delivery options to customers from house truck delivery, Low-priced Freight, drop-ship, dock pick-up, etc.


We do not sell any store returns or refurbished wholesale rugs. We want to be your most trusted source for all your wholesale rug needs. Zinatex Imports will always give you the best service with the lowest prices in the industry. Zinatex Rugs we have sales reps across the entire USA, a simple reach out to us an email or phone and let our team handle the rest for you.